Whistler Grand Project Information

Project NameWhistler Grand
Address of DevelopmentWest Coast Vale
Project DeveloperCity Developments Limited (CDL Pegasus Pte Ltd)
Tenure99 Years Leasehold Development
Site Area210,805 sqft
Gross Floor Area590,261 sqft
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of UnitsApproximately 700 Units
TOPTo Be Advised
Date Tender Closed30 January 2018

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Location of Whistler Grand

CDL Winning Bid for Whistler Grand

With the state tender closing, City Developments Ltd (CDL) has now emerged as the top bidder for Whistler Grand Condo at West Coast Vale. Out of the three private housing sites that were up for lease, CDL got two sites with 99-year leasehold and one of them is Whistler Grand located at West Coast Vale. The property group had placed the top bids which include a S$472.4M bid for the parcel of land in West Coast Vale and S$212.2M for the property in Handy Road, close to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station. The 3rd site which is found along the Chong Kuo Road saw the partnership between OKP Land and Lian Soon Holdings placing the highest bid of S$43.95 M.

Whistler Grand Condo Residential Project

If CDL will be awarded these two sites, they are exploring the option of constructing three residential towers with 8-10 stories with 200 apartments as well as a car park in the basement for the property found along Handy Road. CDL will change the conservation building and convert it into a clubhouse. According to Sherman Kwek, the chief executive of CDL, the property group has been selective in areas where they place bids and the two sites in which they placed the top bid have great potential. With the residential market in Singapore starting to recover gradually, the group’s main focus is to search for the right opportunities that will increase CDL’s land bank locally. The Chong Kuo Road tender had received 8 bids, 6 bids for West Coast Vale and 10 bids for Handy Road.

For West Coast Vale, CDL had proposed towers with 36 stories. However, Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority has specified that the maximum residential units for this property is 730. Please also see Piermont Grand Executive Condominium which is a EC at Punggol Sumang Walk as well by City Developments Limited. Piermont Grand will be available for sale soon.

West Coast Vale Bid by City Developments Limited

Tricia Song who is the head of Colliers International in Singapore noted that CDL’s bid for the plot in West Coast Vale Whistler Grand Location was 35 percent more compared to what was paid for the site of the Twin View Project. Despite the abundant supply, Song said that what could have increased the confidence of developers in this location is also the nearby Parc Riviera which has 752 units and 97 percent of it had been sold by December 2017. Parc Riviera had an average selling price of about S$1,200 per square foot within just 13 months after it was officially launched. Song estimates that breakeven for the plot in West Coast Vale to be S$1,250 per square foot with an average selling price of between S$1,400 to 1,500 per square foot.

Property Consultants have said that even with multiple tenders simultaneously closing in for Whistler Grand CDL, this has little impact when it comes to bidding prices. According to JLL’s national director, the top bids on the three bids exceeded the expectations but they won’t interfere with the availability of the collective sales-sites in the market.

Living in Western Part of Singapore

Singapore has emerged, over the years, as one of the fastest-growing economies around the world. This has more to do with the country’s good governance, stable tax regime and the ever-rising number of startups. One region of the country that has become a major talking point due to its rising economy is Western Singapore.

Development in the Western part of Singapore near to Whistler Grand Jurong is at the height of its pace. Only in 2015, the Singaporean government made a crucial acquisition of the Jurong Country Club. The location would be the site for the high-speed rail connecting Singapore to Kuala-Lumpur in Malaysia. The government already spent millions of dollars in compensation and the original project, with already developed and clear blueprints, would transform Jurong Lake into a major hub of business activities in Singapore. When achieved, the magnitude of this development would be comparable to some of the busiest commercial centers in the world, similar to maybe Frankfurt in Germany or Shanghai in China.

Jurong Lake District Plans

Authorities in Singapore have released a well-stated outline of their intention to bring in the service of a team of highly skilled professionals drawn from various agencies near to Whistler Grand Condo Location. These professionals would draw the long-term projection for Jurong Lake District. The intention of the plan is to make the city a home for many, boasting distinct and organized connections as well as perfect surroundings.

A novel kind of bus stop idea conceived by architects form DP Architects as a way of fulfilling the company’s responsibility to the society is one of such grand replica of modernity and development. The project is a reinvention of the normal daily travel experience in the area. While waiting, there are many facilities available for passengers like charging points, free internet, and a host of others. Several agencies combined had to look into making this project a reality.

Western Part of Singapore

Western Singapore where Whistler Grand West Coast Vale is located is indeed home for the future, with a number of thriving startups freely exploring the business space and making the best use of the friendly business climate, as well as the numerous possibilities in the area. Some of these startups get as much as 3,000 customers on a daily basis. One explanation for this may be the inclusive nature of these businesses. There are also several tech startups in the West exploring such opportunities.

Facilities Located at Western Part of Singapore

Western Singapore near to Whistler Grand Location is also the site of Singapore’s multipurpose Olympic stadium. No better place would come to mind when you are looking at gaining wider exposure in a relatively cheap rental space. The yard at this magnificent and highly efficient sporting facility is around 19,000 sqf and is spacious enough. Also available is a gigantic and standard fitness measuring thousands of feet. Sporting and fitness activities are also some of the major attractions of Western Singapore. There are now a number of classes organized by institutions collaborating to use the ideal environment for related courses. This definitely adds to the number of persons visiting the region.

Many residents of Western Singapore indeed attest to the warmth and ease the city offers. From getting what to eat, looking for the right place for fun and every other social amenities like schools, health care facilities and tech startups. The West, without doubt, has more than enough to offer.

Living in West Part of Singapore

Jurong located near to Whistler Grand a residential town that is situated in the Western part of Singapore. Jurong is one of the best places that one may choose to live in Singapore. It is equipped with the necessary facilities and infrastructure to make life comfortable. One of the main things people worry about before moving to a new place is transport. There is a transport network in place to cater to the needs of the people living in Jurong. The Kranji Expressway, Pan Island Expressway and the Ayer Rajah Expressway link Jurong to other parts of the country. The area is also connected to the MRT, and public buses are also available for those that prefer public means.

Amenities Near to Whistler Grand

Residents at Whistler Grand Condo are also always concerned about where to purchase goods and services. Jurong has terrific shopping malls where you can shop for everything you need from household items, foodstuff, and clothes among others. The Jurong Shopping Mall, Westgate and the IMM are some of the best malls to buy things. The excellent transport network facilitates easy access to the malls and shopping centers. Jurong also has tourist attraction centers where you and your children can hang out and have fun or even learn. The Singapore Science Centre and the Discovery Centre are located in Jurong. There is also a snow city where you can enjoy ice-skating.

Food and Other Delicacies Near to Whistler Grand

Who doesn’t love good food? Living in Jurong Whistler Grand CDL will give you the opportunity to have the most delicious meals. The delicacies in Jurong are incredible, and you will always want to have more. The salted egg pasta and the Enaq prate are some of the best foods that are there in Jurong. Jurong also has numerous healthcare facilities to give medical care to residents. You do not have to go to the city to get medical attention. Some of the healthcare facilities available include Jurong Health Services, Jurong Medical Center and the West Point hospital.

Schools Nearby Whistler Grand Condo

Parents would love their children to have the best education possible. While choosing where to live the schools nearby Whistler Grand Condo are an essential factor many parents consider. Jurong has many schools near it which offer quality education. Some primary and secondary schools include Commonwealth Secondary school, Fuhua Primary School, Shuqun Secondary school and the Crest Secondary school. There are also colleges such as Jurong Junior College, National University of Singapore and Ngee Ann Polytechnic among others. Those that love sports and keeping fit are also catered for in Jurong. There are stadiums and gyms where residents can work out. There are also parks where you may decide to have picnics such as Jurong Lake Park, Pandan Gardens Leisure Park, and the Yuhua Village Neighborhood Park.

Commercial Activities Near to Jurong

Business-oriented residents near to Whistler Grand Jurong can have a very easy time setting up their businesses while living in Jurong. There is land that has been set aside specifically for commercial activities, and the shopping malls rent out business premises. The good transport network also facilitates the movement of goods and services within Jurong and beyond. Businesses are therefore guaranteed their clients can easily access them. With the facilities and infrastructure residents are assured of having the best lifestyles in Jurong.

City Developments Limited Developer for Whistler Grand

It’s been a while since you have been thinking to invest your money in a residential area which can be of worth to you afterwards in your life. Everyone has a dream of getting their own home at one point in their life. Giving away money which has been earned through hard work is not easy. You want to buy a residential area/home/apartment or you want to invest your money in a business of developing buildings or hotels, or let’s say you want to buy some shares of a company which is highly ranked in world. City Development Limited is your answer to all questions. The latest development will be Dairy Farm Residences which is located right in the heart of Bukit Timah close to Jurong. Dairy Farm Residences is by the developer UED Residential.

City Developments Limited Real Estate Company

City Development Limited is one of the biggest international real estate companies of Singapore. This company is financially stable as their network is spread to twenty-eight (28) countries and hundred (100) locations. There is diversity in their business, as you can see their main markets are in Asia, UK, USA, Europe, New Zealand, China, and in Japan. Currently, they are expanding their market more internationally. This Company is financially stable. This real estate company has built more than forty thousand (40,000) homes, built more than one hundred and thirty-five (135) hotels and they own nearly twenty (20) million square feet of land all over the world. City development Limited has not only created homes and hotels only, but they also have built big shopping malls, luxurious apartments, and offices as well. You can easily say that this real estate company is a safe bet, a bet which is likely to succeed.

The chairman of CDL was once a lay man who doesn’t have any money, his pockets were empty. Somehow, he joined a real estate company and saw everything from the root to know how things work. His name is KweK Leng Beng, Yes! He was the one who bought the famous Plaza Hotel from its very popular owner “Donald Trump” (who would’ve known this). He also did business with Prince Alwaleed.

Whistler Grand Increase in Property Tax

Whistler Grand would be an ideal investment for buyers who are looking for developments in the west region. With the recent increase in stamp duty for 2nd property owners, investors are looking for ideally located developments near to West Coast Vale as well as the Jurong area. This is because the increase in stamp duty has put more owners to look for property more for own stay and therefore location is a determinant factor when choosing a property

Founder of City Developments Limited

In 1963, Kwek Leng Beng became the founder of City Development Limited, no need to say that his hardwork was paid. Since then City Development has seen no boundaries in progressing. Soon, they found their hard earned place in international market. There biggest shareholder is their parent company, Hong Leong Group. After fifty years, it is Singapore’s top and the world’s second biggest real estate company. They have their roots deep in this business now; currently they are renewing their markets and places to meet the new needs of their growing buisness. Recently, they have done partnership with China. Their top projects include the hotels in London known as Millenium & Copthorne plc, Queensway Shopping centre, City Square mall, the rain forest, and the public plaza.

Hardly any company with such high standards and place in the worlds can think of sustaining environment. Since past 20 years they are trying to make the environment of Singapore sustainable. So, if you want to buy some shares, luxurious residential apartment, or a beautiful home, why not invest your money where it can be of value and worth.